Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, born in May 1949 at the birth place of Tai Chi - Chen’s Village, Henan Province, China, is a 19th generation descendant of the Chen’s family and a 11th generation direct-line inheritor of Chen’s Tai Chi. He was the head coach at the Chen’s Village National Tai chi Center and vice-president of Henan Wushu Stadium. He is officially accredited with the title of “China’s Top Ten Contemporary Martial Arts Masters”. One of Top Ten Martial Masters in China and recent promotion to the rank of 9th Duan, the highest rank in martial arts awarded by the government of China. He is currently the only representative of the 19th Generation of the Chen family to be awarded this highest of honors!

He began his martial arts training at an early age with Grand Master Chen Zhaopi and Grand Master Chen Zhaokui. For over 50 years with hard work and diligence, he mastered the complete Chen’s Tai Chi system at a high level and earned the honor title of “Tai Chi Jingang”.

His international tours began in 1983. Throughout the years, he has been visiting dozens of countries to host workshops and seminars every year.

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Tai-Chi cannot be learned without respect. Without Respect, one would neglect his/her teachers and friends and as well as his/her own body. When the Heart is not contained, how can one settle down to learn anything?
— Chen Xin